07 February 2010

Paris-Pere Lachaise Cemetery 2007

By means of an image we are often able to hold onto our lost belongings.
But it is the desperateness of losing which picks the flowers of memory,
binds the bouquet"

From some of the photographs made in Paris in March 2007 on a particular day in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, the day happened to be Passover. At one point, in passing the memorial to the victims of Auschwitz, I took a stone, a flat stone, and placed it at the base of the memorial. It was one of the small flat stones that I carry in my bag to level out the base of the pinhole cameras as they sit on the tripod. It seemed to be the appropriate thing to do.
Oscar Wilde and his neighbor M. Papeil

Un Ange, au repos

Chopin's grave - Pere LaChaise Cem
Alfred de Musset

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