18 January 2010

Good news from Paris

Just got word today that work that I submitted for a show entitled "The Four Elements" has been accepted for the exhibition. This is the fourth year of the Exposition Internationale de Photographie sans Objectif at the Andre Malraux Cultural Center just outside Paris in LeBourget. I have been privileged to have had work in each of these exhibitions - don't know that it was intended to be an annual event, but it certainly has become one, and one of the leading European showcases for this particular, if somewhat peculiar (lets say idiosyncratic), way of doing photography. Under the curatorship of Marie-Noelle Leroy [ http://foto-grafik.blogspot.com/ ] it has gotten increasing attention from the French photographic press as well as articles about the shows in Le Parisien and Le Monde. It is truly an international event, with work coming from 4 continents and from some of the most noteworthy practitioners of stenope. Here is one of the images that I will have in the show. This is the element 'Fire'....More to come tomorrow.

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  1. Peter,
    Congrats on the additional Paris show and on the new blog. Nice color scheme! I guess it's easy for a b+w photographer to go nuts with so many choices.
    Keep rockin'