22 January 2010

More For The Paris Show

In addition to the image posted previously 'Fire Maiden' for the element Fire, there are three other images that will be presented at the Andre Malraux Cultural Center in LeBourget:


for Earth,  'Magna Mater, Fecundata et Horribilensthe Great Mother, Fruitful and Terrifying, bearing her machete to cut down what she has brought forth and nurtured, now ready to harvest.


for Air, "Zephyra" the West Wind, the carries us with a true course to the home port, resilient and steady breeze

and for Water, ' Lorelei', the singer of the mountain stream, murmuring within the spring torrent of the waterfall, between the solidity of rock and the cascade of the rushing flow. 
All the prints to be exhibited will be silver gelatin ans toned with sepia and selenium and are available in a limited edition of 12 1/2" images. Please write for price and availability

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